What is APX Ventures?

APX Ventures is a blockchain solutions company which offers a wide range of services relevant to the blockchain industry ranging from but not limited to: hashing solutions, thorough analysis of cryptocurrencies, and consultation services.

Please be aware of the high risk nature of cryptocurrency.

APX is a ERC20 utility token secured by the Ubiq network.

APX is required to access services within the APX ecosystem which is supported by APX Ventures.

Some of the services offered by APX Ventures will exclusively accept APX or can be accessed at a discount through use of the APX token.

Please note that APX does not represent equity or rights to APX Ventures in anyway.

Owning APX does not entitle to you to any profit sharing or dividends from APX Ventures.

Due to the nature of free markets, users are free to do as they please when using or acquiring APX. However, owning APX does not mean you are an investor in APX Ventures.

A glance at the current APX ecosystem:

  • Mining contracts

  • Crypto Review platform

  • Working with other parties to provide additional utility for APX

A review platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets is currently under development along with mining facilities. The first services that APX owners can expect is discounted access to the review platform and exclusive access to discounted mining contracts.

Upon completion of each project, APX Ventures will continue to expand the services offered within the APX ecosystem.

APX can be found on: Bittrex.com

Or you could simply use the beautiful Fusion Wallet: